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Wright as Muddy Waters

JeffreyWright.jpgThere's more famous actors as famous people news tonight with the word that Jeffrey Wright is set to play the the famous Muddy Waters at the start of his career in the recently announced Cadillac Records, the story of Leonard Chess and his record company which will be lead by Matt Dillon.

Dillon plays Chess, the founder of the company, in the film that will chart the rise and fall of the label including its launching of the careers of Muddy Waters, Etta James and Chuck Berry.

The news that Jeffery Wright is to play Muddy Waters comes from Coming Soon, I previously wrote about the signing of Matt Dillon.

You have to ask yourself who will play Chuck Berry. Samuel L. Jackson? I'm not a big fan of Muddy Waters, so I wouldn't know how well Wright matches to the artist. What do you say?




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