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Trailer Trash like Monty Python?

EliRoth.jpgEli Roth has revealed that Trailer Trash, the film that has been inspired by his making of a trailer for the fake film Thanksgiving, itself for the Grindhouse film, has a release date, and he's also talked a little about the film and what he hopes for it.

It seems that he wants to make it like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Now there's a complete out of the blue comment that I would never have expected from him.

Eli Roth wrote to Bloody Disgusting (thanks to Jo Blo for the heads up) and revealed that he has a release date and that it's going to get made. August 22nd 2008 is the date he gives for the release of Trailer Trash.

"Trailer Trash is not a horror film, it's a comedy. It will be very R-rated and completely insane, and I'm producing it with Mike Fleiss (who I did both 'Hostel' films with), and writing it with my friends Jeff Rendell (my 'Thanksgiving' co-writer, who also played The Pilgrim), Noah Belson (my co-creator on 'The Rotten Fruit') and my brother Gabe, who's collaborated with me on everything I've ever done.

I want to make a film like 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' which I consider to be the greatest achievement in the history of cinema. The best part is I get to shoot some new THANKSGIVING scenes, as well as other holiday slasher films I've always dreamed of making but never would because they'd completely ruin me. I can't wait to shoot!"

So that's the inside word. The film is going ahead and he's going to make loads of fake trailers into one movie, that will be interesting to see. Especially now he's said he wants to do something like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I would have thought that this would have been closer to Amazon Women on the Moon, but obviously not. What it does suggest though is that there will be some kind of thread riding through them all, something that would be needed to keep the audience engaged, rather than just trailer after trailer.




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