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Stalked: Wolf Man, JLA, Craig, Zodiac, Scorpion King, Goal 3

Here's a big round up of the little stories going around today...mainly because I have a weekend of sport watching ahead, including the final F1 race of the season, corrupt and hellbent on self destruction as the governing body of F1 is, the final race is still going to be exciting.

Anyway, Anthony Hopkins is confirmed for The Wolf Man, Josh Duhamel and Bijou Phillips have tested for the Justice League film, Daniel Craig is starring in Flashbacks of a Fool, David Fincher is set to appear and talk about his Director's Cut of Zodiac, a Power Ranger is taking over the Scorpion King role, and the final Goal film is going to get made after all.

Anthony Hopkins has been confirmed for a role in The Wolf Man remake starring Benecio del Toro, in fact he's going to play the father of The Wolf Man himself. He confirmed while talking about his new film Slipstream. The story comes from MTV Movies Blog.

Josh Duhamel and Bijou Phillips have been screen testing for roles in the Justice League of America film. As yet there's no idea who will be looking to play which character. The story comes from IESB. Who would you peg each as?

Daniel Craig is starring in Flashbacks of a Fool, playing a Hollywood star that carries a dark past that just won't let him go. In a story that sounds like a lot of Hollywood stars, he is on a path to self destruction but realises that the only way to save himself is to head back to his past and face his demons. The story from MoviesOnline.

David Fincher is going to appear at the Walter Reade Theater in New York on November the 19th to show the Director's Cut of Zodiac, with a mere seven minutes of extra footage, which isn't that much for Fincher. After the screening he'll be interviewed for the audience. The full Director's Cut two disc DVD set will see a release on January the eighth with plenty of documentaries about the real killings as well as the film. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Micheal Copon, one of the "actors" from The Power Rangers is set to take the place of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in the Scorpion King prequel's prequel. The film, Scorpion King: The Rise of Akkadian, will look to the early years of the warrior and will be directed by Russell Mulcahy for a direct to DVD outing. The story from Jo Blo.

The third Goal film is set to go ahead with Andy Morahan, a commercials and music video Director. Mike Jeffries is still writing and producing, and the story will continue, and end, the rise of various footballers from around the world to the World Cup in 2006. The story comes from Variety.




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