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Scott makes powerboat racing story

Powerboat.jpgInitially this might sound like a slightly different tale for the Director Tony Scott to make, until you hear the whole story.

Scott is to make a film about Don Aronow, the man who invented the cigarette boat – a term used to describe the incredible racing powerboat he designed, and a boat that was used by Columbian drug runners. Wait though, there's even more to bring it into the realm of Scott's usual work.

Not only did Aronow design and build the boat that was used by the drug smugglers to race their products into Miami, but he also received a US $20 million contract to design and build the boats for US Customs in order for them to chase down the smugglers.

This was happening in the eighties, and it was the late eighties that Aronow was shot in a mob type hit in Miami. Before this Don Aronow was the powerboat racing world champion for ten straight years. Michael A. Lerner is writing the script now, according to Variety.

Now it does sound more like Tony Scott fare, and an interesting story to boot. You can just see the Scott style right through this story.

Mind you I would like to see a film about powerboat racing, or any type of extremely fast racing. I'd love to see a Formula 1 film that looked into the corruption and manipulation of the sport that has caused the recent troubles in F1 – and I'm not talking about Mclaren being the bad guys.




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