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Planet Terror gets UK release in November?

PlanetTerror_Poster.jpgAccording to an unconfirmed rumour on the Interflab, Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror may well be getting a November the 9th release in the UK.

There's no backup for the rumour, but it's no real surprise that the film will get a release since we've seen Death Proof (Filmstalker review) out already.

However there is a slight dark cloud to the story from Obsessed With Film in that Death Proof did relatively poorly compared to the leaders at the UK Box Office. I'd say it did rather better than the “bombed” comments that were being made by the media, but it didn't set the figures alight.

However I doubt that the Weinsteins would be so daft as to scrap the film and they'll definitely release it to try and capture back some of the money they've lost, so we will see Planet Terror, we just have to wait and find out exactly when.





Look at the IN CINEMA section.

Don't see it making much business, but I guess we will see!

Seeing it on Saturday!? Woot woot!?

Let us know how you enjoyed it!

Hey Rich - I saw the trailer this weekend in front of the new Halloween... Got to say it looks stronger than Deathproof which I was less than impressed with.

Saw Black Sheep and American Gangster the other day, BS was great fun, Gangster was pure class!!


For a quick sneak'



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