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New Mist trailer online

FrankDarabont.jpgNow here's a trailer that does not misrepresent the film it's advertising, in fact this one sells it perfectly well and even better than the previous one we saw.

The Mist is the new Stephen King adapted novel for screen, and once again the King of King film adaptations is on the case, Frank Darabont. "Who he?" you may ask? Well I'm ahead of you there, he adapted The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Ah, now you're on board.

The previous high definition trailer really did a good job of setting up the isolation and the pitching of group against group amongst the people stranded in the shopping mall surrounded by the mist.

This trailer does a superb job of expanding on that and giving us a feel for the bigger picture, the scarier world outside the mall and where the mist all came from. It also has a superb closing shot that really does set you up for what could be in the heart of the mist.

It really does look good, and you can see the second trailer below once again from YouTube and through the superb Cinema Blend.

Could this be another great Stephen King film from Frank Darabont, or is there something about his horror that just won't allow The Mist to make it to screen well?




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