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Neill Blomkamp says Halo film dead

Halo.jpgNeill Blomkamp was lined up to direct the film Halo, based on the successful series of videogames for Microsoft's XBox, but the project was cancelled when the budget began to escalate and now it looks as though it is totally dead, despite Blomkamp's attempts at raising it through a series of short films.

Now he's spoken out about the project and these short clips he's made, and the discussion sounds incredibly final. Halo is indeed, dead.

The three short films he made for the Internet audience and the Halo game fans to get excited about were made without any of the props from the film, props which I'm surprised were made at the early stages that the Halo film was at before it was turned around, and with no intention of being a reflection of the film itself. So why make them?

In an interview for Creativity Online through Joystiq, Neill Blomkamp says:

"In essence, those pieces have zero to do with the film…Like less than zero…the design and everything that we'd made for the film is just locked up in some locker somewhere…so all of the stuff for the shorts is specifically for the short films, from scratch…

…I worked on the film for a few months and we developed a lot of things during that time, and none of that has anything to do with the shorts…

…There was not even one percent of my mind in doing those short pieces to try and resurrect the film."

So what are the short films all about? He doesn't seem that sure himself, and his explanation does sound even stranger.

"Bungie and Microsoft asked me if I wanted to be involved in the Halo 3 promotional stuff, just because I knew all of the guys at Bungie, and I was like Yeah, sure, that sounds like fun…It's basically, I guess, viral advertising for Halo 3, it's one of the many different promotional pieces you find out there."

The three short clips he made are how he really wanted the film to look, he says that he wanted the film to…

"…feel like the most brutal, real version of science fiction in a war environment that you've seen in a while. And Universal was on board with that. I don't really remember what Fox thought about it, but Universal seemed down with it."

The clips definitely hinted at that, although there was a big gap between that and a finished article. I do believe that these shorts were pointing in the right direction.

On the subject of the film itself the interview makes him sound pretty bitter about it all and quite down, it does sound as though he had a passion for it being made.

"The film is entirely dead. In the configuration it was in. Whatever happens with that movie, assuming that movie gets made, will be a totally different configuration. It's not so much me as the entire vessel sank…"

Still, with that comment "in the configuration it was in" it does suggest that there's some hope for the film to make it through to the big screen eventually, perhaps not with Blomkamp though, and later in the interview he confirms that these shorts weren't to resurrect the film, and at the same time he makes it clear just how dead the project is:

"I know how hard it fell, and I know that doing things like that was not how you're going to get it back on its feet."

Very dead then. I guess we should end our belief right now.

I think this is a real catastrophe and shows that Hollywood is very confused about how videogame adaptations could actually be made to earn money. Halo has a huge audience, the release of Halo 3 would have been an ideal jumping block for a film, and the universe it occupies in terms of story is rich, deep, well researched and created, and visually dramatic. So why couldn't it be made? Would the budget really have outstripped the returns?

Here are the Halo clips all strung together from You Tube:



May be im a mourner may be i deserve to do something else.
Need to feel the sense.

the Halo film will get made. mark my words.

i think his comments are meant to mean "this incarnation" of the film is dead, not the project itself.

why do i sound so sure that it will be made?

halo 2 made more money in it's opening day than most summer blockbusters do their entire run. biggest media event, monetarily speaking, to happen in one 24 hour timeframe. quite extraordinary. that success is what blasted everyone in Hollywood into action making this thing in the first place.

Halo3 was just released, and in it's first day it made more money than spider man 3 made in an entire week.

money talks.

i'm not saying a halo movie is a good idea. i don't even want one. but i tell you now. no one will let this stand and not get made. there's an absolute guranteed profit to be made.

Well I totally agree, it will get made, and I think you're right mogulus, the more I read those comments the more I took that same opinion.

I'm about to write up something that Stuart Beattie said about films and videogames, and in the end it's about the cash, as it always is.

Halo is proving to be a complete cash cow and they can't ignore it.

One of the questions is when Bungie (developers of Microsoft) leaves Microsoft, as they have announced, do they still retain that power to stand up to the studios and demand that they follow that Halo plot bible?

If they can't then perhaps the budget would drop slightly and the possibility open up a bit more.

However if that bible goes then the typical Hollywood videogame adaptation may get made.

I think i read somewhere that MS is holding a minority share in Bungie even after the split. So from what I read, Bungie stand to lose nothing, as Halo will still be an exclusive xbox/pc property. I imagine Microsoft would be behind them 1000 percent to keep control of the property. What's interesting is, in the article, they even went as far as to mention intelectual property rights and, specifically, Peter Jackson and others whom have stakes in the universe of halo.

All I want I s a good movie that doesn't suck and shows the story

i hope to god they make it cuz this is bullshit bungie should support them in it n give them money or w/e they need n bungie is making halo wars to so n the short films they talk about is crap

I don't remember ever posting the above statement^
I guess either it was when I was a little kid or someone else posted it and uses the same alias.
I am sorry (If I did or did not post the above) If I was offensive I'm sorry.

I really believe It was not me, because I don't just spontaneously type 'n' s in my sentences.

I got to this page because someone called me on this page right here and I don't ever remember seeing this page before.

Sincere Apologies

-DesertEagle PWN

oh my god! i was pumped! " omg Halo movie iam going to it on opening day! but today i went to find the realsel date of it! Then i saw this god damn report say "now it looks as though it is totally dead" and there goes my whole day this pisses me off! Bungie what yhe [expletive removed - Richard] you guys are assholes you made one of the best games for Xbox 360 ever and you don't wana what a movie that in my opinion would a a whole [expletive removed - Richard] load of money off of! i was a huge Bungie, not anymore. Thanks Love you hater!(U)

Hey Tyler, you have to step back and think why Bungie are doing this. From all accounts the studios were slashing the budget for the film and Bungie and the film-makers were concerned that the film just wasn't going to live up to fans expectations - now if they'd made a half hearted attempt at a Halo film that wasn't epic you'd be even more annoyed.

Now they're off waiting and hoping for a studio to pick it up and give it the budget, and follow the history well enough to get the film made right.

i still think you should make the film.. not everybody will like it but from the sound of it, it sure does catch my attension along with a few of my other friends who enjoy Halo so mush.. i am a huge fan of course but not making the film will get me and other fans around the world disappointed for Neil to not even try to direct this movie. i'm sure if the film is finished or ever finished it will become a huge hit just like the video games cause the games are a popular choose. I just hope you do end up making this movie other wise i will kind of be disappointed but i guess its the buggit.



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