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Marshall's Doomsday early reviews mixed

Doomsday.jpgThere are some early reviews from test screenings of Neil Marshall's new film Doomsday online, and they don't sound as strong as his previous films The Descent and Dog Soldiers.

Remember though that test screenings can be showing films that still have quite a way to go in terms of post-production, they can have editing, music, special effects and sound effects yet to go through, and that can mean big changes in the film.

However these comments are widely different and it is quite confusing as to which way the film could be going.

Someone who emailed AICN thinks negatively of the film:

"I knew I was going into this movie knowing that I would love it, or at least like it. What I got was something else. What I watched was this silly, far fetched, horribly paced apocalyptic disaster...I like Neil Marshall's movies because of the lack of bullshit in them. So why in hell, is there more bullshit in this movie to last a lifetime?"

While someone who thinks positively of the film is over at ionCinema:

"Though the film appears to be Marshall’s break from the horror genre, this is one of the bloodiest films I’ve seen all year. The Reaper virus effects are appropriately disgusting, heads are blown apart, limbs hacked off, a man is roasted alive and eaten, and blood spurts by the gallon...The action is extraordinarily well directed, and Marshall’s ability to create increasingly intense, eye-popping action sequences rivals what Jameson Cameron did in Aliens and Terminator 2. The film’s twisted sense of gallows humor is also a welcome element."

Both reviews come through Solace in Cinema.

I don't know which way to go here, I do hope that the negative comments of Doomsday are wrong and are influenced by a rough test screening, I have bags of hope for Neil Marshall after The Descent (Filmstalker review) and Dog Soldiers which were both excellent.




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