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John Rambo gets a name change

Rambo.jpgOh this is ridiculous, the excellently titled John Rambo has just had a name change, and it's ridiculous.

The original title of John Rambo was perfect, it was a bit more human than just Rambo from the previous films, and kept in with Sylvester Stallone's recent success with the Rocky follow up of Rocky Balboa (Filmstalker review).

So instead of calling it John Rambo they've plumped for something rather silly. Coming Soon through Jo Blo has the title:

"Rambo to Hell and Back"

Eh? What a daft title. They probably had a cliché list that included "Rambo - War is Hell" with a tagline of "I'll cry when I'm done killing"...oh no, that's an advert from Grand Theft Auto, I'm mixing my realities here.

It is a daft title though, however that doesn't mean it's going to be a daft film. This is going to be a hard assed, reality of war type of film, and I'm liking that.

Can you think of cheesier titles for the film? Oh, and just for me, here's that Grand Theft Auto advert in full...

Narrator: He was a man of peace, living on a quiet farm in North Dakota. Till one day all hell broke loose.
Male: Tim we need you.
Tim: I'm a man of peace, I'm done killing. I wanna raise a family.
Man: That's just it Tim, They've got your family.
Tim: Noooo!
Narrator: Jack Howitzer is Tim in Exploder. From the heart of America to the jungles of Cambodia, follow one mans quest for peace.
Tim: Hoochi vet is that you?
Hoochi: Tim I know you come, just like old days we kill everybody.
Male: Tim they've got your wive!
Tim: But I'm not married!
Male: You are now...to America.
Narrator: He went in to save his country, but found his family and lost his friend. (Shot rings out)
Tim: Hoochi!!!!
Hoochi: Tim don't leave me, you tought me baseball Tim, and how to laugh.
Tim: Nooooooo!...He would have been a fine American. I'll cry when I'm done killing!
Narrator: Get your self a body bag, strap your self in, start making friends the American way! Exploder: Evacuator Part 2. Rated PG may include patriotic garbage.



Perhaps he quite literally goes to hell and back. I'd pay money to see Rambo vs legions of the dead.

Sounds inspired by fairly crappy title "Live Free or Die Hard", which was also a pretty good film despite the poor title.

Maybe the UK version may become Rambo 4.0 :)

xpgeek, i was going to say the exact same thing.

let's hope ( from what i've heard about DH4 ) this one is as good as Live free or die hard turned out to be.



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