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Interesting tale of Waking Madison

ElisabethShue.jpgWhile reading the news that the gorgeous Elisabeth Shue is joining the cast of Waking Madison along with Sarah Roemer, I was caught by the interesting plot outline.

A woman is determined to cure herself of her multiple personality disorders so she locks herself in her apartment for a month with no food, telephone, television, or any outside stimuli whatsoever.

Katherine Brooks wrote the script and will also direct this very interesting tale according to Variety. The question for me is what part is Elisabeth Shue playing, and will it be of the woman herself? That could be a great role for her and something that will test her and possibly bring out a strong performance from her.

I'm really intrigued by the plot of Waking Madison and wonder where they could take this story. I can see her tryiing to deal with her multiple personalities as they appear, the audience seeing them as real, engaging people. Now that could be interesting.




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