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Dragon Ball Z has Director

DragonBallZ.jpgWell I know of Dragon Ball Z, but i don't really know about it, so the news that a film version is coming and that a Director has been attached isn't really that exciting to me, but I do know that it has a big fan base, so...

There's going to be a Dragon Ball Z film and James Wong has been attached to direct, not only that but there are casting calls online.

Now I know I wrote about this before as the news has been out before, but I've no idea where. No matter, the casting calls have appeared over at CHUD for the characters of Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Mai, Lord Piccolo, Chi Chi and Gohan.

Yes, those names mean nothing to me, anything to you? James Wong however, does. He is the Director behind Final Destination, The One and Final Destination 3.

Sounds a good match, but can anyone enlighten us about Dragon Ball Z then?




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