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Charlie Wilson's War trailer in HD

CharlieWilsonsWar.jpgThe trailer for Charlie Wilson's War starring Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Roberts and directed by Mike Nichols is online, and in glorious high-definition Quicktime.

I've just had a look and it seems really good. Tom Hanks looks as though he's going to be giving a strong and enjoyable performance, and there are some great actors in the supporting cast roles. However something did bother me a little.

Not to dwell on politics too much today, as per the article Against All Enemies story revealed, but this is a very political story and from the trailer it seems to be getting a very light hearted treatment.

The light hearted, jokey mood is throughout the trailer, and probably highlighted most at the end with the comment of the Senator to the President of an Islamic country about whisky being in the palace. The staff all seem to find it amusing and aren't offended at all. Now I'm not sure how they would react in this situation, but it does strike me as overly comic.

However perhaps this is disguising the big hits of the film, and I hope it is, after all it is the abandoning of Afghanistan after their war with Russia that has led to a great deal of the ill feeling between the then freedom fighters and the West.

I wonder if this aspect will be explored in Charlie Wilson's War, and through the light hearted look at the bumbling Charlie Wilson shown in the trailers, will we find the hard hitting and dramatic truth of the piece?

I hope we do, especially with a Mike Nichols film.

You can see the trailer from Yahoo Movies through st39.6 at Movie-List Forums in [QT:50MB], [QT:120MB] and [QT:174MB].




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