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Black Sheep competition - win stress sheep!

BlackSheep.jpgBlack Sheep is the hilarious comedy horror film that sees a genetic engineering experiment go draastically wrong turning normally harmless, cute, and tasty sheep into blood-thirsty killing animals who then start to terrorise a New Zealand farm.

To promote the film Filmstalker has been given some goodies for a Black Sheep competition, T-Shirts and stress sheep, so you can get your own back on those pesky wolly killers!

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

Black Sheep is getting some strong write ups and is released in the UK on the 12th of October, so from now until the 15th 19th of October 2007 we're running a Black Sheep competition for UK residents only.

It's very easy to win, just answer the question below and email it in to along with your name and full UK postal address before the end of October 15th 19th 2007.

As usual, these details go to no one else apart from me and are kept in my private email on my personally locked computer in my own house. Your details will be passed to the company responsible for mailing out the prizes and then deleted, you will not be contacted again.

Here's the question:

Name two uses for sheep

That's it. There's is a right answer, but you never know, the funnier ones just might catch my eye. There are three T-Shirts from the film and three stress sheep to win, so get entering!

This competition is closed



Just as a matter of interest (being the spelling Nazi I am) its spelt wooly not wolly and Id definately recommend this movie, Im from New Zealand and its a bloody funny movie (no pun intended).

You're right, and my spell checker never picked that up as I didn't write it in Open Office. Well done.

However as a spelling Nazi I think you'd be shot:

"its" (twice), "Id", "definately", "Im"

Not that I'm being picky. ;)

Not that Im being picky either but most of that is punctuation not spelling which i dont particularly bother with online, waste of time in my opinion, at least when posting feedback or comments and other similar things. But that aside great site youve got going here, visit it almost daily for all my movie news.

You are being picky, you're as bad as I am! It should be all or nothing in this texting generation.

I've got a friend who delights in telling me when I've messed up in my punctuation.

Thanks for the daily visits Firebug, truckloads of effort for little reward - and for me the reward is just what's happened, feedback, banter and daily visits. So many thanks!

Did you see the Flying Scotsman posters in New Zealand then?

Ummm yes I saw the posters here although I never saw the movie, it was kind of on my to watch list but never saw it in the end, at the cinema anyway and these days I dont rent movies, I go and see them at the theatre so probably wont see it until it comes out on TV.

What size are the t-shirts? :-P



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