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Zodiac filled with CGI

Zodiac_Poster.jpgI hadn't realised just how much CGI was in Zodiac until I saw this demo reel for the company behind the work. What's surprising is how much backdrop work was done in CGI, replacing the need to find and set-up locations to look like seventies San Francisco.

Mind you, I would have thought, from the look of these night scenes, that it wouldn't have been too much of a problem. Have a look at the demo reel to see how much work went into the film.

I'm surprised, when you see some of these scenes fade away to reveal the blue screen it adds a new level of depth to the work of the Actors and Director. However you do wonder why they couldn't, or wouldn't, find the locations to film for real.

Is this the point where the cost of CGI overtook the cost of filming the scene for real? Well since the film came in under budget you could say it did.

Did anyone notice these shots during the film? I think they look pretty close to perfection. See for yourself with the following clip through Hollywood Elsewhere.



Unfortunately I haven't seen Zodiac yet but that clip is incredible! I saw the trailers for the film, and I never would have guessed in a million years that they uesd CGI backdrops. They blend in seamlessly and are a real credit to the visual effects company, cast and crew.

Personally I can see many advantages for using this technique instead of scouting for locations. Firstly, there is no scouting involved. With that comes no issues of gaining permits to use suitable locations. Everything can be done in the complete control of a studio. No longer will the crew be looking over their shoulder to see if light is failing (or for night scenes, if the darkness is breaking) or will they be effected by weather changes.

I'm sure many other filmmakers will now look to use this technique. It had me fooled, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one.



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