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Kung Fu starts casting

KungFu.jpgThe film remake of the classic television series Kung Fu starring David Carradine has been quiet of late, but there's just word out that the casting call has been made for Carradine's replacement.

Kung Fu saw David Carradine as a wandering Shaolin Monk who would defend the rights of the down trodden, kind of like an early Equalizer but set in the days of Cowboys and the Wild West.

Previous stories on the film reveal its slow past, Kung Fu film gains directors and Kung Fu movie in development, however this now looks a strong step forward.

The casting call that Moviehole brings us goes something like this:

"Male, 20-35. A handsome mix of East (Chinese/Asian) meets West (American). A man with the emotional capacity of a young Clint Eastwood. Charismatic and charming, Caine was raised by Shaolin monks after his mother's murder and became a highly skilled fighter. In addition to being a strong actor with the right look, the actor for this role should be athletic and although not required, some martial arts training, gymnastics or ballet are a plus."

Sounds like they have the character right, but I wonder when they are going to set the story, still in the wild west or are they going to modernise it to the present day? Perhaps have the Monk wondering around Iraq? Or is that just bringing too many ideas together?

I honestly can't believe how many of these remakes are on the go.




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