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Exclusive Studios losing money in Blu-ray HD-DVD battle

BluRayvsHDDVD.jpgThe high definition DVD battle continues, but with more in the industry saying that both formats are going to survive for a might long time, if not forever, there's a growing concern for those studios who are opting to back one format alone, whichever format they back.

It makes sense that if both format are selling, one significantly more than the other, then backing just one format and releasing your catalogue on a single high definition format, will mean you're excluding a significant percentage of the high definition DVD consumer market, and a recent market report says just that, with huge reported losses.

A report from Screen Digest, which I'm far too cheap to be able to afford, is saying that any studio which backs a single format could be seeing significant falls in revenues, up to a staggering US £270 million, and that's just from consumer spending for 2008.

The details come through HDTV UK who have gleaned some information from the report. It goes on to suggest that while Blu-ray is significantly outselling HD-DVD, both formats will co-exist for some time.

The US $270 million figure indicates the potential highest HD-DVD exclusive studio losses, whereas a much lower figure, but still staggering in its size, represents the potential highest Blu-ray exclusive studio losses, US $175 million.

I've said this before, and it just makes sense, if you have a product that can be sold in multiple delivery channels then why wouldn't you make it available in all?

Surely it makes sense that if you have a catalogue of films that you would release them in the cinema, on VHS and DVD, so why wouldn't you consider releasing on Blu-ray and HD-DVD as well, especially considering that the so called format war will continue for some time to come?

As an aside I read somewhere this week that there have been breakthroughs with the Blu-ray manufacturing process and this will mean cheaper production. With that knowledge doesn't it make sense for studios to cater for the entire high definition consumer base?



These physical formats can't die fast enough for me - bring on HD movies as a download. Some of the new codecs will give you 1080p at a 4 gig file size that we can play on our HTPCs or whatever we have in our loungerooms.

Oh I'd love that. I'm just about to upgrade the home network to 85Mbps and that should give me enough to stream to my PS3/X360 from the PC.

Not sure if it's enough for HD though...



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