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Clips 'n' Pics: Elizabeth and King of California

ElizabethGoldenAge.jpgThere are eight clips online for Elizabeth: The Golden Age starring Cate Blanchett and they all look very powerful, and there's also a short but exciting clip for the King of California starring Michael Douglas. Both sets of clips promise very strong performances from their stars and are well worth watching.

I've been wondering where King of California had gone to as it was looking like one of Michael Douglas' strongest performances in a long time. Well there's a new clip out there to remind us about it and yet again he's giving another impassioned performance. You can see the clip over at IGN [Dload:WMV:QT:Flash:Embed]

I really want more on this film other than the trailer and clips we've seen to date. Starring Evan Rachel Wood as his daughter, King of California is about a man who is released from a mental institution and wants to go hunting for hidden treasure in the middle of suburbia.

There are eight clips for Elizabeth: The Golden Age online, and the ones I've managed to see are looking pretty strong. Particularly interesting is the first clip “Elizabeth discusses the catholics with her council” which just screams of our modern day situation.

You can see the clips over at Rope of Silicon [Embed:Flash] and discover why everyone is raving about Cate Blanchett in the role once again and why they are considering a third film already.




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