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Sunshine DVD alternate ending

Sunshine_Yeoh.jpgSunshine is getting a DVD release that carries a pretty good set of extras. The film, from Danny Boyle, features a strong cast who play a group of astronauts heading to the dying Sun in an attempt to reignite it and save Earth from a frozen future.

The film had its ups and downs which you can read about in my review, but the DVD has some interesting extras, one which might turn the course of the film.

Audio Commentary by Danny Boyle Audio Commentary by Dr Brian Cox, The University of Manchester Alternative ending with optional commentary (00:41) Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by director Danny Boyle x 11 Twenty Three Production Diaries Two Short Films: Dad's Dead Directed by Chris Shepherd (6:53) Mole Hills Directed by Dan Arnold (6:10)

That alternative ending sounds interesting, as does the Danny Boyle commentary on the main feature and the deleted scenes, but it's the alternative ending that has me interested. I'm trying to think what would have happened in the last forty seconds and if this ending could make a lot of difference to the film, perhaps it could have, and maybe it's not a replacement for the existing footage but an addition.

I guess I'll have to get hold of the DVD and find out, my only wish is that we could have heard from Alex Garland on the commentary too. Sunshine gets a DVD release this Monday, the 27th of August.



I was contemplating ordering this in and now I'm definitely going to do it.

The alternate ending sucks...

How so Bjoern? It surely has to be better than the plot thread dropping original ending.



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