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Stone's War zombie nazi trailer

WaroftheDead.jpgThe trailer for the World War II horror film War of the Dead looks interesting, well the plot perhaps moreso than the trailer. It makes me think of how the Return to Castle Wolfenstein film should be.

The film was previously called Stones War and the story sees Captain Martin Stone leading an elite platoon of American and Finnish soldiers who attack an enemy bunker. However they didn't realise the strength of the enemy as soldiers keep coming at them so they retreat back into the forest. As they regroup they are attacked by the very same soldiers they've been killing and as they retreat further into Russian territory they discover a terrifying secret of the war.

Compared to the plot build up from HorrorMovies.ca, the trailer is a little bit of a let down, but it is obvious that they are keeping loads back for later, and the production values look much higher than expected.

This has actually peaked my interest and is well worth a look, the trailer is over the page.

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HorrorMovies.ca also have some stills from War of the Dead which are looking rather cool too. Have they beaten Return to Castle Wolfenstein to it?



yes, from the description you gave, I had high hopes. but the trailer did kinda let me down.

still, this is the first i've heard of this one, and as a sucker for all things Xombi, i'm already looking forward to it.

can't wait.

well... the trailer sucks because it was made months before the film shoot started... it was made for lithuanian funders..



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