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Star Trek plot and casting revealed

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThere are some massive rumours out there just now, some about the casting on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek film, and others about the plot. I have to say that the plot rumours really don't sound like J.J. Abrams at all and if people (i.e. studio executives and fans alike) had a hard time with Enterprise, there is no way they're going to go for this one.

First up let's talk about the casting rumours that are around for Uhura and Sulu. Just to recap we already know that Leonard Nimoy is returning as old Spock, Zachary Quinto is young Spock and Anton Yelchin is Chekov.

Now this is hugely speculative, but Jason Kyson Lee from Heroes has talked about how he would love to play Sulu in the film before, but recently he was asked again about it and he said he replied that he didn't know. From the rumour chain from TrekMovie through Cinema Blend we are all speculating that this could mean he's waiting for word on the decision, one which would work in my book.

Still, it could be that well seasoned trick of talk about a role, hint that you might have it enough in the press, and maybe they'll get word of it, consider you and then you're in. Either way, I think he's a good match.

Next up is the sexy Uhura, someone who I did have a little thing for when I was younger – I'm older now and while it's a bigger thing, I'm not so hot on Uhura! However, that might change if the rumour from the very same TrekMovie through Cinema Blend is true - Zoë Saldana. She looks great, and could well carry off the sultry character. I mean she really is sexy....stunning actually.

Okay, let's get down to business, the plot. I read this last night and was too tired and ill to get y head round it, but it seems that the AICN rumour table has some potentially disturbing news about the Star Trek film and what J.J. Abrams has in store for it.

First up, read on no more if you're scared about having anything revealed, although do realise that there's nothing out there to confirm if this is right or not, it could all be fantasy...well it is actually, that and science fiction.

Now here's a word of advice, skip to the Cinema Blend coverage of the story because Josh makes much better sense of the whole thing than AICN do, although bear in mind I'm drugged up and feeling lousy right now.

Basically though it would seem that the unsubstantiated rumours have the new plot featuring, of all things, the much hated time travel plot thread. Worse than that it involves killing Captain James T. Kirk.

Yes, the Romulans go back in time for some reason and suddenly find out that they are facing Kirk's father, so they take the opportunity to kill him and viola Kirk is dead. Not only that but they create an alternate universe without Kirk. This could easily explain why Leonard Nimoy as Spock is back but there's no return of William Shatner as old Kirk.

This leaves the door wide open for the new film to do whatever it wants with the new Star Trek.

I really do hope this is rubbish because it sounds terrible, and I was a huge fan of Enterprise so I'm quite happy with decent time travelling story lines and reworking of Star Trek fables. I just think this is a step too far and seems like a way to reboot, not just the franchise, but everything about Star Trek.

If it is true, perhaps Abrams has decided to take on the worst bits of the films – time travel and the killing of Kirk – and try and make them work. Remember Generations?



Watching this one with interest. As a huge Star Trek fan, literally and figuratively, I had a hard time getting past the idea of other actors in the original roles as anything other than pure BillShat.
Passed that stage thanks to the sterling work of the folks over at http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/
whose fan made episodes just get better and better. Indeed the latest episode, starring George Takei, is as good a piece of Star Trek as any I've ever seen, and I've seen most of them, repeatedly.
I'm looking forward to a return to the timeframe of Kirk, McCoy and Spock. My favourite eara.



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