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Sommers and Beattie on G.I. Joe

GIJoe.jpgPreviously I wrote about Stephen Sommers being considered for the directorial job on the G.I. Joe film and a little while later we heard that he was asking too much money and was off, both rumours of course. Now though we hear that he actually does have the job and that there's a strong writer involved in the film too.

Stuart Beattie is apparently, and this one is still a rumour, rewriting the script that Skip Woods delivered.

So Stephen Sommers is in, with the confirmation from Variety, and, if the latest IESB rumour turns out to be true, Stuart Beattie is now rewriting the script for him.

Seems that there's a lot of G.I. Joe fans out there that disagree with the Sommers appointment, whereas I think he fits the level of the film quite well, action and effects. With Beattie rewriting a Woods script you've also got to think that there's something quality going to come out of it at the end.

It could be a rather good action film, and with Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham rumoured to be taking leads it could be a lot of fun, even if it is still based on a action figure (rubber doll) range!




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