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No Riddler in The Dark Knight

AnthonyMichaelHall.jpgGreat news about The Dark Knight the Batman Begins sequel, there's not going to be a Riddler in the film as the rumours had been suggesting that we wrote about twice. We had thought that Anthony Michael Hall was set to play Edward Nygma, but apparently he's not.

Thankfully it seems that Anthony Michael Hall will play an investigative reporter that is digging into Bruce Wayne and discovers his secret identity which he threatens to reveal on national TV. More than this is a spoiler so I'll direct you over the page for more or to the original story over at Hollywood Chicago through IESB.

It seems that the saviour for Bruce Wayne and Batman comes from a very unlikely source, it's the Joker who saves the day by calling in a bomb threat to the television studio, he does this as he doesn't want to stop his fun he's having with Batman.

Well thank the lord that the Riddler isn't in this story. So that makes a possible Scarecrow appearance, a final appearance for Two-Face and a definite main villain in the form of Joker. Brilliant, I think we have nothing to worry about.



When I think of The Dark Knight next summer seems too far away.

This is James Gilks (owner of SerialKillerCalendar.com) personally I would love it if they took the idea of the Riddler to a very dark extreme. His character is very close to real life serial killers like David Berkowitz (the son of sam) and the Zodiac Killer. Many serial killers (including Jack The Ripper and The Red Spider) have sent letters to the police and the Zodiac killer sent cryptograms (which where in essence a type of riddle). I think that if Hollywood is willing to take these films to the gritty dark side of real life, they should focus more on this angel and abandon the tacky jump suit wearing, cartoon aspect that Jim Carey brought to the screen. I would love to see a down right evil and twisted serial killer side to the Riddler.

I also believe that they are setting up The Mad Hatter for a future movie. If you watch carefully, Batman says that the man Dent is interrogating in The Dark Knight (the creepy smiling guy from the ambulance) is named "Jervis Tetch". This is The Mad Hatter.

Lastly, I would love to see all these films come together in to a plot that involves Arkham Asylum. There have been many amazing graphic novels that focus on this (especially "A Serious Place on Serious Earth"). This would be a perfect opportunity for the writers to place Batman against not only a huge cast of badies but also against his own troubled mind.)

Well, thats just the opinion of someone who runs a company devoted to selling serial killer merchandise so you can take it or leave it.

[Removed self-promotion - Richard]



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