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Updated: More Lost Boys 2 casting news

TheLostBoys.jpgThere's two pieces of casting news online that have me confused about the Lost Boys sequel. One is a positive story and the other is a rather negative one, so while the new casting rumour has me interested, word from the previously announced Corey Haim should have fans concerned.

Let's start with the good news, or rather rumour. Jason Patric may well return to the sequel for a small role. Well that's the word from Playback through Moviehole who are suggesting that Patric is going to appear. I'm not so sure though, mind you his career to date hasn't meant that he's above taking a smaller role as this suggests, although his recent appearance in In The Valley of the Elah may suggest Jason Patric is above such a role.

In the possible bad news for the sequel, MTV Movies Blog has the story that although Corey Haim told them in an interview how much he was looking forward to the sequel and how it was about to start filming, they received a call from his manager after the interview that casts doubts on the film.

They say that his manager told them that there were major obstacles in the way, they say that refers to the immigration problems Haim might encounter in travelling in and out of the country. She said that Warner Brothers is trying to rectify the problem and get him involved.

So there are pluses and minuses, but I think if they don't get the original people on board it's just not going to sail, and I don't just mean the original actors. So far I've heard nothing to suggest that this isn't remaining a direct to DVD.

Update: The update from Moviehole in that same story is that the writer contacted them and said no Patric, the source story is a mistake. Oh well, looks like we're right in thinking it's not going to be near the original.




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