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McAvoy Scotty rumours back

JamesMcAvoy.jpgThe rumours that James McAvoy are to play Scotty in the new Star Trek film from J.J. Abrams have resurfaced again.

We previously heard that James McAvoy was up for the Star Trek role, something which he later denied quite strongly.

Whether it's the same source as last time or someone new we won't know, the story from The Scotsman simply says that a source allegedly reported, which is making it pretty dubious already:

“McAvoy had to go through a full casting process - and was up against famous names and total unknowns. He was called back a couple of times before getting the phone call from one of the producers to say he had won the role.”

So that's normal auditions then. Well I wouldn't be surprised if the choices for the role were made to audition, after all there's got to be a strong similarity to the original character, there's no point going for huge reinvention with characters the fans already idolise.




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