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Halloween film leaked online

Halloween.jpgIt appears that Rob Zombie's Halloween has been leaked online, and like Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II, the film is a work print, and that means superb quality.

According to the story the work print appeared on bit torrent sites today. So if someone was wanting to track it down it wouldn't be too hard to find the torrent search engines and track down the film.

Unfortunately I can't get through to /Film who have the story, but I am guessing that's because the site has been swamped with traffic of people trying to find the film.

Suffice to say that this may have a similar effect on the film that it did with Hostel: Part II (Filmstalker review), although that was a much weaker film than the first Hostel (Filmstalker review), , most agree that the leaking of a work print before its release did harm the box office takings.

I wonder how much desire there is to see a work print of Rob Zombie's Halloween before it's released, and if it will affect the opening weekend takings.



you know what frustrates me the most about Halloween movies? they rocked so much and now they're starting over, that's what.

it would have been ok if Halloween Resurrection would have ENDED THE STORY. I mean, come on. We had probably THE best developed hollywood horror franchise story rolling. We'd learned why Michael was like he was, we'd found out a bit about those responsible, and had been tempted with Dr. Loomis being forcefully either killed or innitiated against his will into serviceship protecting Michael ( depending on the cut of the movie you get ahold of ). But the last movie ended with another cliffhanger!!!!!!!! NOOOO

oh dn't get me wrong. I'm loving what Zombie has done here and want to see it so bad. Dr. Loomis cast as Malcolm McDowel is perfect genious. Michael looks great and the violent level, almost guranteedilly will be higher than ever.

I just wish we knew what finally happened to Michael...the version of Michael I always favored to Jason, Freddy or that knock off from Silent Night, Deadly Night.



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