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Grindhouse DVD releases split

HarveyWeinstein.jpgIn the comments for the Filmstalker article about the Grindhouse UK release being stopped, Hap told us that the DVD release for Grindhouse was to be split as well as the cinema release. Not only did he provide us with a link to the story, but the very next day it popped up through another news source.

Unfortunately Teletext, the news source in question doesn't provide a source for their story, but they do say that U.S. DVD release is going its separate ways, that means Death Proof on the 18th of September and Planet Terror on the 16th of October as different DVD's.

Over at MoviePatron they have the story much earlier from Esplatter. They also say that the DVD releases will not include any of the fake trailers.

What this means is that the Weinstein's are trying to make their money back from the failed cinema release by selling off the two films individually. My advice is not to bother buying these and hold off. We're bound to see a restored single version in the future, this is common practice galore to see a Special Edition DVD release.

Don't waste your money, save it for a Special Edition.



All I want to know is how long will it take for a special edition of it to come out, and what will it have that makes it better?
Someone please response?!

No idea Eric. Right now they'll concentrate on the Cinema release with just a few hints at the DVD release. They won't talk about a SE until the DVD has achieved good sales.

However, going by previous history - just look at the recent Alexander DVD news - we're bound to see a full release, they'll be seeing the demand from people like yourself talking about it online.

It's just speculation at the moment, but again, going by past DVD SE and Director's Cuts, it looks like they'll have both films and the fake trailers, just like in the U.S. cinema release.

There's definitely the demand for it, so we just need to keep talking about it and keep the buzz going.

What would you like to see on it?



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