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Fast and Furious 4 in development?

FastandtheFurious.jpgUpdate: 21/11/2007 The full plot is revealed for Fast and the Furious 4, and Jordana Brewster is also looking to return.

Update: 03/10/2007: Latest News: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are officially in talks for the fourth film and Justin Lin is confirmed as Director.

Update: 13/09/2007
With the Hollywood striking looming for Writers, Directors and Actors, the studios have released a document to the major talent agencies to start lining up talent for projects they want completed before the strike next year, and one of those projects is The Fast and the Furious 4, written in black and white with a Director attached! Read the story here.

Original Story: The Fast and the Furious series carries a huge fan base and there's a lot of desire for a Fast and the Furious 4, well now the fans of the series might just be getting their prayers answered as the rumour starts up again that a fourth Fast and the Furious film is in development, and it will bring back some of the previous stars.

The evidence that there's a great bunch of fans out there for the franchise is clear by looking through forums for gear heads and speed freaks (of which I am one, although not to the depth of some) and by looking at two previous articles on the possibility of a fourth film on Filmstalker.

Fast and the Furious 4 with Diesel? and The Fast and The Furious 4 gets scriptwriter both have gathered a huge amount of comments and the fans have come back with some excellent ideas for the fourth film as well as showing a whole lot of passion for the franchise.

Myself, I think the films are great, fast, great looking cars and some superb stunts, what's not to like? Well the rumour is that Universal are going to grace us with a fourth after all.

The latest rumours, and please do be aware that they are wild rumours without any factual backup as yet, have insiders on the very early production of the film saying that the film is in development with no talent attached as yet. IMDB have the film listed for 2009.

Inside Line through Autoblog tells us that their sources suggest the next film will bring back many characters from the other films including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson and Lucas Black, and that the film will take place in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

They also go on to suggest that there will be a fair mix of new and classic cars in there, such as the 1970 Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Opala and a 1987 Buick GNX.

Looking at that list of talent I'd be really surprised if they all made it back in one film, that would mean that the budget would be rather large. Tyrese Gibson has moved upwards, although the other stars haven't really gone much further since their roles, they all do command healthy payments so all of them would mean a tidy wage bill.

What do you think? Is this the way the film is going to go? What is the car scene in Brazil that might attract these racers? Could they all come back, and what do you think of that speculative list of cars?



Oh, I'm sure there's a racing scene in Brazil. Heck, Vancouver isn't an exotic locale and there's a pretty decent racing scene around here.

As for the car choices, I'm not sure why they're going with the Challenger instead of sticking with the charger. Not to mention, I'd love to see them bring in the 05-07 Charger R/T. Now there's a car that is ASKING for mod power! As for the Buick, I can't comment because I simply don't know.

http://www.newhemitech.com/showthread.php?tid=224 has the skinny on the cars if you guys are interested.

Hey Lee I altered your link to point directly to the photos rather than the front page of the site.

Now the photos show a car being done up, but what is there to tell us that this is the Fast and the Furious 4 car? Have you more information on that?

i personally think they should base it in la or tokyo again but i think they should have paul walker, vin diesel and "sean" from tokyo drift and some nice fitties as well like her who played neela,

I think that the movie would be great with every one that they are talking about starring in it! I honestly can not wait for this at all! I'm so deseratly waiting for them all to get together and disel and walker to reunite with the new people in it as well! eee sooo excited!

I think this movie is going to be a bad boy. Don't forget the imports, it jus want be the same.Peace.

personally i dont care what direction they go with the movie or who is in it but if i have to see another lame ass mitsubishi as the star car im gonna kill myself.. everyone knows that nissan are the leader of power in the import world.. so how about a 240 or maybe a skyline that isn't riced out and that lasts longer than 30 seconds.. and as far as a new charger.. thats the dumbest idea i ever heard that car is a disgrace to muscle cars, now having the new prototype challenger would be nice. and more racing

I think if the next movie did have all of those stars from the previous movies then it would be incredible.And as for the cars the 05-06 charger would not be completely bad but i don't think that it would fit this kind of movie well.And all of the mitsubishi cars have done a great job as the leading cars but these movies only look at the main stream tuners what about the afore mentioned 240sx or the older corrolas(spelled wrong) now as far as mucle cars go i think the need to do it big and with some class like a 67 corvette or something like that,it would be sweet if they could get most of the concept muscle cars in there as well.So that is all i have to say so peace out.

CALLING ALL FAST AND FURIOUS FANS - Studios have just released a memo with Fast and the Furious 4 marked for production before next year, and with a Director attached!

Read the story here.

thats great there making a part four in brazil(my Country). i should play as vin diesel brother in the movie since i look like him haha!

a supra or r33 skyline would be sweet dude

i think they should bring back all of the characters like vin diesel, paul walker, and tyrese gibson and lucas black n i hope don omar n bow wow are in it too. that will be a real good movie i no i would go see it. tyrese gibson should have his purple mitsubishi n paul should have his green lancer back.

the 4th movie would be great! and the cars they choose are great ones, I would love to see the BUICK GNX as the star car, that is one mean looking car, (Darth vader would be proud :-).) hell i have a high 9sec, gn that i would be willing to loan out, imports have come along way, but there's nothing like american muscle. SEEING HOW RARE THE GNX is, it would be a great choise,as the star

I think it's a great idea to make a new FNF4, But Brazil?? How about make the film in a better location like Canada with open areas and nice land.
i think Vancouver or Edmonton or even Calgray would be a Nice Location in Canada don't you think.

They should Bring in a 2008 Audi RS4 as the main car. They havent used a German car as the main car yet. Its been all Japenese. This one should Contain a good ratio of German, American muscle, and Japenese cars; but have the RS4 as the main car.

Ok, so i like the idea of having all the actors back. I dont know how they're all gonna fit together but well see what happens. my guess is paul and vin wil wanna race again and they'll each bring they're guy. paul with tyrese and vin wtih lucas. I wouldn;t be supprised if they dont all get along. i figure they will all like muscle cars though because in each movie they have driven one. I think having muscle cars instead of ricers is a good way to go. i mean look at all the new companies coming out with muscle cars that are remakes from the 60's and 70's. muscle is where it's at and is where it's gonna be at. I think the idea of a challanger is great. MOPAR (dodge) were the most popular cars in the muscle car era. I think there deffinetly needs to be a Ford in it, being a star car. probably a mustang fastback 65' through 68'. Also probably a 69' chevy Camaro. If you're going to have an Impala it should be 64'. The thing with muscle cars is that if your going to put them in a movie like Fast and the Furious it's probably going to be custom. You either have to go custom or stock. With these types of cars it is kind of stupid to go all out like they do with tvs and subs and crazy decals. But you can do a sweet paint job maybe throw some rubber bands and a bunch of body mods on it. When i say sweet paint job i mean a really sweet color, not a solid color with a bunch of vynal on it. You should still mix it up between crazy colors and solid colors, but not many stickers. I know a guy who is building a 57' t-bird. The car is amazing! it's so low that you can step in to the car!. He has about 90 body mods on it so far. Gaurenteed to be in a magazine. Most of the cars that he has done have been in magizeines anyways. Personally i think they screwed up with the 68' mustang fastback in the last one. Putting a nissan engine in it is a really bad move although it went with the story. They deffinetly could have done better with the paint job because black with white stripes is also kind of boring. Although it also went with the story. I think it should have been like a dark navy blue, that's what i plan to paint my 67' fastback. I'm restoring my car with the guy who is building the T-bird so if your looking for some good ideas on cars try to contact me.
The idea of brazil is kind of not the right idea. I think somewhere still in america is a good idea like chicago or down in the south east.
I think the story should be about ricers versus muscle cars. I think i would be cool to have a muscle car that has a small engine with a stroker kit. A stroker kit is where all the parts that make the horsepower are in the block of the engine and is not visible from the outside if you just looked at it. Then to also have the car look pretty much stock. So the guy that has the ricer car comes and looks at it and doesn't know much about muscle car engines so he wouldn't even know about a stroker kit. So then the ricer guy is all cockie that he's goin to win also like what happened in opening race in the last one. but then he gets smoked by some pure muscle. I'm not sure where the money and part where people die come into this movie but i'm sure they'll think of something.

I love the idea that there making another one, I think they should make 4 more if you ask me but I think the out of the country stuff sucks, who wants to watch them running around brazil with little brazilian cars, they got away with tokyo but I think they should bring it back to the us

If they are gonna put germans cars in there is should be say a BMW m3 or m5 not a god damn ugly looking Audi.

But hell yeh to the muscle!!!

Hello everbody i think it's would be great idea to make a movie in Brazil, but i'd like to choose my car, a real muscle car, a Maverick GT 1977, engine V8 + Blower, should be great, Thanks.

personally i dont understand why there are no english cars sierra rs cosworth would blow everything away please add a little english to the scene there is a massive modding community here ....

They should consider bringing back Rob Cohen as the director. He has done the best job so far on directing of the Fast and the Furious.

i think the should only bring the cast of the first film paul walker vindiesel michelle rodriguez and jordana brewster.

i've seen all the fast and the furious movies and they were awesome and since ive got 1,2 and 3 on dvd why wouldnt i. the 4th one is going to be just as action packed as all the rest with more fast cars and by the way i hope there is a lot of v8's in it cause there my style.

fast and the fuirous four sounds good. muscle cars all the way. i dont care where it is set but how about some aussie muscle monaro, chrysler charger r/t, ford xy gtho, ford xa gt (MAD MAX car), torana we might not have as many old muscle cars as u.s but they are there. Also love to see dodge charger, ss camaro (68), ss chevelle, dodge challenger, mustangs old and new, gto, cuda, how about a ferarri, lambo, corvette, viper. Maybe the story line could be about a new car group coming in to take over and the old cast characters come together to show them up.

Listen Fast and Furious will always be the best movies to come. I watch Fast and the Furious, 2fast 2 furious, and tokyo drift all the time. like i think i watch two of them everyday. And i am going to be a street racer like no joke ... In florida though.Also i rather have paul walker back in stead of the last one.. It was cool but the movies are just better with the original character.. ALWAYSSSSSS

I think the perfect car to have is the 1970 chevelle

This movie as to follow what made THE FIRST MOVIE so good. IT NEEDS to follow and finish out the story of Dom and Brian and the entire 'team'. It can not, in my opinion, follow the trend of the last two. I want to see REAL CARS with events taking place that could in some way actaully happen. NOT people jumping over bridges to win races or cars with $10,000 or more dollors invested in just the rims and paint. REAL RACERS DON'T HAVE SUPER FLASHY CARS. PERIOD. THis movie has to have a real story that focuses on the characters. NOT some pre-engineered plot that the characters happen to be thrown into like a certain 2nd movie that belongs in this franchise...

yes i agree with the bmw m3 cause its a highly obtaind sports car and also looks the nuts wen done up but also would like to see the audi r8 in the film x


yes there all good cars but what about the ascari a10 the well good cars and looked tuned quite a bot aready

What the heck are u talking about! Mitsubishi has skills in power drifting. it could own the stupid skyline. but if u pimped a supra it would beast!
I personally think that they should continue the movie of Tokyo Drift and the scene should be Mexico or something. I dont want the script to change completely from Tokyo Drift they should just continue the storyline.

Most real mopar fans will tell you that there is no such thing as a 05 to present Dodge Charger. There is a four door sedna being sold by dodge that has the name charger on it, but it is not a "dodge charger" per se.

I'm not saying that car is bad for what it is, and in fact I might buy one if they called it a coronet or some other car that actually came as a foor door, but it's not what most people expected or wanted out of a "new dodge charger".

I think it's great that the blown 70 charger is in this new film. I also think bringing in the new challenger is a great idea (look at the new challenger for a clue about what the new charger should have been!!!)

Quite honestly I only ever watched the first mvoie to see that car. I watched the second one because I heard they made muscle cars the stars. (I think the line was something about the only way we're gonna beat these guys is to cheat, referring to the two guys with muscle cars)

I didn't watch the 3rd one at all, sounded cheesy.

I've seen too many coffey can muffler, really-loud-and-thats-about-it cars to have much respect for a "tuner" car. (that, and get real with the wings, will ya. Google "69 charegr daytona" or "plymouth superbird" to see a wing.) Most of the "tuner" cars I've seen wouldn't go fast enough for the make shift wing on the back to do any good.

i think there will be sex in this move because i loooooooove sex



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