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Elizabeth: The Golden Age Quicktime trailer

ElizabethGoldenAge.jpgAnother trailer for Elizabeth: The Golden Age has arrived in Quicktime, and although they haven't supplied an HD version, for which I am sorely disappointed, the trailer does look rather powerful.

Cate Blanchett is a stunning actress, in more ways than just her acting talent, she reminds me of old Hollywood, that gorgeous, striking face and poise combined with amazing talent. Clive Owen is set to play Walter Raleigh, and there's a host of stars alongside them.

I know I've posted a few different formats and types of trailer for this film, but it does look stunning each time I see it.

Update: Thanks xpgeek - apologies to all I am frantically trying to keep posting while reviewing films at the EIFF, and I'm tired. These are my holidays!

Here's the trailer link I missed out Elizabeth: The Golden Age Quicktime trailer on Apple Trailers and here's the HD trailer that xpgeek so kindly found (cheers mate!) Elizabeth: The Golden Age Quicktime trailer on Apple Trailers in HD.



You seem to have forgotten to add the link to the trailers quicktime page to your post.

Also, I noticed an HD icon for it on the main trailers page, even tho they seem to have also forgotten to add that link to the page, the HD trailers page IS there.

Just add /hd/ to the url.

Thanks for that xpgeek - apologies for the rushed post.

Oh goodness. I'm done with watching trailers. I want to see this film!

I honestly can't wait for this film! I love historical fiction films; especially this era.



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