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Damon says fourth Bourne possible

MattDamon.jpgMatt Damon has said that he won't return to the Bourne series for a fourth film, and yet today he seems to be suggesting that he would, but that there'd have to be a long wait until he does.

Previously we heard that Matt Damon was completely done with the Bourne series, but he's not totally ruling out another film.

“If (director) Paul Greengrass calls me in 10 years and says, 'I have a way to bring him (Bourne) back,' well, yeah, absolutely.”

That's the comment that comes from Damon through WENN and Starpulse News Blog.

There's a lot of talk saying that they couldn't not do another Bourne film considering the amount it's raking in, however the real question is would they risk the series with another actor in the place of Bourne? Would Paul Greengrass come back for another film?

If you think about it there's always the possibility that they could bring in another actor to play another spy that is from the same training as Bourne himself.

Is there life in the series without Matt Damon or Paul Greengrass?



Just having watched the new movie, it's hard to see a Bourne movie without Damon (though Richard Chamberlain played him first) but I guess the same people said that about Connnery and that other spy with a similar name!

If I remember the 3rd book, a ten year hiatus would fit perfectly into the legacy.

Bourne is retired as David Webb, teaching in some quiet state-side university. Out of the blue Pamela contacts him and tells him that someone has resurrected Jason Bourne and is killing off former agents which were in the now dismantled blackbriar program. (She believes that someone is about to create their own elite killing force, and wants no competition to ever get in it's way.) David is not interested in getting dragged into this and becoming a killer again, but it becomes apparent that the threat will eventually lead to him. A twist in the story will be how Nicky is involved - is she a target, a traitor, or somehow more deeply involved.

This is ridiculous!
Matt Damon is the ONLY bourne that makes sense!
Every other actor who wants to play him are off their trolley!
The first time i saw the Bourne Identity i was Amazed at the stunts and the realism.
I realy wish that he would do another.
It would make such a difference to my life and probably many others.
If he is reading this right now then please hear me out.(HIGHLY UNLIKELY!)
Just for 1 minute think about the other people in the world.
Think about what other people want.
Please think how we would feel to be let down.
I ve been having hard times recently so it would be amazing to feel that someone has thought of mefor once.
Please, Im not going to beg so hear me out.
If you dont, then ill just have to keep searching for that kindness.



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