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Aniston's career goes to the dogs...literally

JenniferAniston.jpgOnly a few days ago we heard that Jennifer Aniston was close to signing up for He's Just Not That Into You. It seemed a bit dull for an actress who is capable of more dramatic roles. Well just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it has. She will now be appearing alongside Owen Wilson in Marley & Me, a film about a dog. Yeeha!

report that the adaptation of John Grogan's memoir will shoot next year. It's about a couple who get a dog in the hope of preparing for parenthood. As you can imagine the dog is a handful and gets into all kinds of scrapes, especially when the couple actually have kids.

Wow I can barely contain my indifference. It seems with the actors strike still a possibility, projects are being rushed through. Someone should tell these people that sometimes the best thing to do, is nothing at all...



Oh Louise what happened to her. I seem to keep harping on about this but she seemed so good in Derailed and I thought we were going to see her turn into a strong dramatic actress, since then she's just wallowed in mediocrity. Actually that's giving her undue props.

Yeah you'd think that after 10 years on Friends she'd have enough money to be able to pick her roles. It would seem not, or she's not being offered the ones she wants. Doesn't look like her career is going anywhere great at the minute though.



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