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Allen's Cassandra's Dream trailer online

ColinFarrell.jpgThe trailer for Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream is online, and I have to say I'm confused and disheartened after watching it. Let's hope that this is a rough cut.

Cassandra's Dream features Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Tom Wilkinson, Philip Davis and Tamzin Outhwaite in a story about two brothers, one of whom is in serious financial debt. They meet a young woman and one of the brothers falls in love with her, and she uses her womanly charms to persuade them to turn to crime to solve their problems. It all goes wrong and the brothers become enemies.

Sounds a great story, and none of Allen's trademark comedy which I just can't get into, so on paper I was really interested. Then I saw the trailer over at Allocine [Flash:Embed] through Coming Soon – scroll down to the picture of Wilkinson with “Lancer la Video” across it and select it.

It's a mess. There's no real story progression in the trailer, I can't really grab hold of anything other than the fact that one of them is in debt and the other panicking, oh, and the accents sound awful. Sorry Farrell and McGregor, but they seem to stick out like a sore thumb. The only interesting roles there seems to be from Wilkinson and Davies.

Do you get anything more from it? Hopefully it is a rough cut and the film is going to turn out to be as much a surprise as Match Point (Filmstalker review) was for me.



Yup, the comparsion to Match Point is well served (haha... served). I think we're in for a real treat here. Allen obviously knows drama; especially when he's not in it. I'm stoked. If it's half as good as Match Point, I'm happy.



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