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Alien vs Predator 2 International gore trailer

AvP2.jpgThe International version of the unrated Alien vs Predator 2 trailer just seems like a string of death scenes to me, much like the previous unrated trailer although with a few more kills and some extended shots of screams of pre-death agony.

I like the tag line at the start though:

In Space - No one can hear you scream, on Earth - It won't matter

I think perhaps you might have that dead right. Okay I'm being a bit harsh on Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, apart from seeing the creatures full frontal and on screen far too much, I think it might not be that bad.

You can see the trailer over at Rope of Silicon [Flash], how do you feel this is going to turn out?



"In Space - No one can hear you scream"

Heh... right from that opening is where my eyes started rolling with the trailer:

"In Space"

[Loud sound of spaceship engine rumble]

"no one can hear you scream"

[More loud engine rumbling]

So although no one can hear you scream, you CAN hear the sound of a spaceship going by, LOL.


hola me gusta esta pagina, en cuanto a la peli, puedo decir que me gusta el género, las escenas, y por supuesto los efectos especiales que nunca faltan, en fin la trama es algo retocada y algo sobreactuada pero pasa la prueba disfrutenla y vean la sangre correr cuando matan a cualquiera que se les atraviese!



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