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Wild Geese remake?

TheWildGeese.jpgIt appears that one of the classic war films The Wild Geese is getting a remake, and although there isn't much information as yet, the whole idea fills me with dread.

I loved war films from around this time, they invariably were overly macho and filled with stirring and manly performances. Not only that they were usually cast with big names, and The Wild Geese was no different. Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Hardy Krüger, Stewart Granger, and so on.

Anything with Richard Burton in just makes me want to see it, after all I was named after him [warning, editor sidetrack!]…

My Mum was watching Richard Burton playing Richard III and decided that coincidence was just too much to not call me Richard. For those of you wondering, my last name is Brunton. So not only is there that strong connection, but I'm a huge Richard Burton fan anyway, he's such an intense presence. [sidetrack over!]

The original film tells a story that would actually work well today. A British corporation wants to overthrow a vicious dictator in Africa. To do so it hires a band of over the hill mercenaries and sends them to the country to release the opposition leader. Just as they rescue him and start to head back, the corporation does a deal with the dictator and the team are betrayed. Now they're out for revenge...once they get out alive.

So to hear that this cracking good war film is being remade doesn't fill me with excitement. However, there is perhaps a way they could make it work really well, and that's do an Ocean's on it and fill it with modern stars, but play it in the style of the original. Would that work?

There's not much more news on the remake from Moviehole, other than the production company behind it.




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