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They Live the TV series?

TheyLive.jpgJohn Carpenter seems to be lining up a few remakes more, and the latest could well be destined for the small screen, not the cinema. They Live is a classic film about aliens taking over humanity, and one man fighting back. That one man happened to be the wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

There's a line from They Live that I just adore.

"I've come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum…and I'm all outta bubblegum"

I used to quote that a lot when I was younger. Anyway, enough reminiscing! The film is about a man who one day discovers a pair of shades that suddenly reveal he's living in an entirely different world to the one he thought he was. The media are bombarding the world with messages such as sleep, stay asleep and submit to authority, and that many humans are in fact aliens trying to control us all. He quickly joins a resistance movement and starts fighting against this force he has obeyed all his life.

Empire Magazine, through Moviehole, have a few comments from Roddy Piper himself who reveals that John Carpenter is in talks with the Sci Fi network to bring a TV series of They Live to life.

Apparently, after contacting Roddy Piper's people, Clint reveals that Piper would most definitely be involved in the series. Now that's interesting news.

I've come here to…oh, you've heard it already! Seriously though, I would love to see this. It could be a mix of V, the original and with a shake of Battlestar Galactica reimagination.



Richard this is great news. Not only is Piper my favorite wrestler, but I to love this old movie.

On G4 TV the other day they had shown the the South Park guys remaking fight scenes from classic movies and showing the cartoon side by side with the movie. And what do you think made the final cut, but the fight scene between Piper and Keith David in the alley.

I would certainly watch this show religiously if Piper was in it.



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