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Straczynski talks Silver Surfer film

SilverSurfer.jpgJ. Michael Straczynski has been talking about his writing the Silver Surfer film, and he says that the film featuring Silver Surfer will reveal the origins and creation of the Surfer as we saw him in the Fantastic Four film.

“It picks up right where the FF movie left off and it's designed to answer the questions that were asked in the movie but really weren't dealt with there, which [were]: Where did he come from, why did he become the Surfer and what is he doing here now?”

That's the comment from Comic-Con (isn't everything just now) through IGN and Moviehole. He goes onto talk about the featuring of Galactus and how that was handled in the first film, and the interesting news is that he plans to show more of the massive creature in the next film.

“...in the second movie, you will see more of him...You don't want to sort of blow out something that big and massive for one quick shot in the first movie… Where you're showing the origin of the Surfer, that's where you do it; that's where you blow it out.”

So Silver Surfer is set for some full on Galactus action then? That sounds good, but not as exciting as J. Michael Straczynski writing the film. There's not word on a Director as yet, with the current rumour being Alex Proyas, would you prefer Proyas or Straczynski?



By his own admission, Stracyzinski isn't really a director. I would be very surprised to see him take on direction duties for anything that wasn't Babylon 5... and he even admitted on the new DVD (which he directed) that he probably wouldn't do that again in the future.

Proyas doing this would be incredibly exciting on the other hand.



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