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Stalked: Melissa George and Lindsay Lohan

MelissaGeorge.jpgMelissa George is signing up for another psychological type horror-thriller, with whatever other genre descriptions you can throw in there, and there are some behind the scenes clips for I Know Who Killed Me which show Lindsay Lohan behaving very well on set.

Clint at Moviehole has some great news for us today, another story he got his hands on is that Melissa George, who has starred in Alias (superb series), Derailed (Filmstalker review) and Turistas (Paradise Lost) has signed to star in another thriller, which sounds more like a horror to me. Amanda Gusack is the writer/director for Captive, the plot of which follows:

"The happily married mother of a 6 year old boy, Jaime Taylor regains consciousness after a bad car accident and finds herself being held captive in a remote waterfront warehouse by the mysterious Vince, a masked killer whose shocking revelations are about to turn her formerly safe and orderly existence upside down."

Over at IESB they have the same clips for I Know Who Killed Me I posted the other day, but they also have three rather lengthy behind the scenes clips and a featurette showing a lot of on screen time for Lindsay Lohan. All of these make the film seem rather interesting, and reveal a little more about the premise - if you watch closely.




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