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Stalked: Liotta in Powder Blue and Lohan's Killed Me clips

LindseyLohan.jpgRay Liotta has joined the strong cast of Powder Blue, and there are some new clips online for Lyndsay Lohan's I Know Who Killed Me.

Ray Liotta is joining Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel in a film called Powder Blue written and directed by Timothy Linh Bui. The film looks at four people whose lives touch on Christmas Eve, one of whom is Liotta's ex-convict released after a twenty five year sentence who is trying to get close to his daughter who is played by Biel. Variety has the news.

There are four clips online for the Lindsay Lohan starrer I Know Who Killed Me. Although the first thought of Lohan leading might put some off, looking at the clips, the trailer and reading the plot, I have a sustained curiosity in the film. The idea of a woman escaping the clutches of a serial killer and returning to her previous life with everyone telling her she is someone different to the person she believes she is, is rather interesting…if somewhat confusingly described by myself! You can see the clips over at Bloody Disgusting.




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