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Stalked: 28 Months Later spoilers and Saw V, VI Director?

DannyBoyle.jpgThere are two little titbits this morning that may or may not come to fruition because they are mere conversation fillers and ideas at this stage and nothing more, however they are rather interesting. We have unconfirmed rumour of a Director being lined up for Saw V and VI, and Danny Boyle revealing what could possibly happen in a 28 Months Later, if he made it.

The first, to ensure you don't run straight into the spoilers for the end of 28 Weeks Later and the possible start of 28 Months Later, is about a possible Director for Saw V and VI. Right now Darren Lynn Bousman is back on the series filming Saw IV, and if that does well the word from Bloody Digusting is that David Hackl is secured to direct the next two films. David Hackl has been the Production Designer on the previous three films and Second Unit Director on the previous two, by previous I am including the current Saw IV.

It's a very early rumour, and it will depend on how well Saw IV does, of course its a long way to go, and as we know things can change on the road to production.

Onto the spoilers for the 28 series. If you don't already know, the idea of making a 28 Months Later has been scrapped by Lionsgate, so Danny Boyle is talking as much as possible about the sequel in order to drum up a swell towards getting the sequel made, and he hopes that he'll be the one helming it.

Now the he's revealed that he would like the plot for the new film to be about an outbreak in Russia. This is interesting considering that the last film hints that there's a cross-channel infection. According to /Film through Obsessed with Film, the sequel would bypass events in France, simply showing that France had been wiped out by the disease.

Perhaps we'd be looking at an Undiscovered Country type film, where the East and West join forces, etc?



Regarding 28 Months Later; I think the idea of the film being set in Russia would be interesting, but then again so would France. I liked both films - the first one more so. Lets hope Danny get what he wants and get the film made.

i think he should! horror movies suck raw ass right now and he brought it back! cuz now people wanna bite his flavor and besides him and the man...mr george romero,we would be scareless people and that sucks too...



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