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Roth delays Cell

EliRoth.jpgEli Roth has said that he's holding off on Stephen King's Cell for the moment as he is hitting Trailer Trash first, that's the film he's creating entirely made of fictional trailers.

Now if we consider what happened with Hostel: Part II, how it didn't do so well in the cinema, and that other horror films haven't exactly been setting the world on fire, perhaps we are looking at a down trend in Hollywood's desire to make horror films?

Frankly I think it's an incredibly poor choice of Eli Roth's to make a film full of horror related trailers instead of hitting a very well received horror novel from one of the best horror writers in the business, a film that would have a strong plot and characters as well as plenty of traditional horror for the fans.

Still that's his decision, and in his comments at Comic-Con through Sci Fi Wire we hear that the Cell script isn't done yet and he's going to be overseeing it while he works on Trailer Trash.

Could this spell doom for Cell if Trailer Trash gives the same response that Hostel: Part II and films such as Captivity did?



Dodgy tortureporn claims another victim... Eli Roth's Career!



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