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Rogen reveals more on The Green Hornet

TheGreenHornet.jpgAt Comic-Con Seth Rogen was talking about The Green Hornet, and while we already heard that it wasn't going to be a comedy, the full discussion reveals a lot more.

According to the interview it looks like the original plan is to be very faithful to the original show.

SuperheroHype [MP3] managed to record the interview with him and here are the salient points:

It will be like the sixties show.
A mix between Lethal Weapon and Indiana Jones, action-adventure.
Fun, kick ass and sexy.
Not a goofy re-imaging.
They are hoping for the original theme song, lawyers permitting.
They aven't talked to Stephen Chow yet for Kato.
They have no idea right now on the details of the story, but they have to keep the car in.

So far it sounds interesting, and it does seem as though Seth Rogen is looking in the right direction. However it is really early days as yet and Rogen himself says they have no real idea, so things could change.

The best news for The Green Hornet so far though is it's not a comedy and they are going to keep it as the original.




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