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New Resident Evil: Extinction trailer in HD

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgI've just been surprised by the new trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction, it looks spectacular. Now bear in mind that we all realise that trailers can make the weakest of films look good, but the high definition trailer for this new episode in the Resident Evil franchise does look good.

There's also a red band version of the trailer to see, if you can get past the rest of the world unfriendly zip code system that won't allow you in to see it. I tried several combinations to try and get through, even with searching zip codes through Google. So if you can find a better source then you'll be doing the worldwide readers a big favour.

The trailer looks very good. It's slick, filled with fantastic effects, and the creatures look superb. I can only imagine what the red band trailer looks like.

Of course, realising how the previous films turned out there's perhaps a lot stacked against the film. See for yourself over at for the trailer [Flash:Embed:480p:720p:1080p] or see the red band trailer on the Resident Evil: Extinction official site [Flash:Embed] through Coming Soon.



Not missing much. Watched em both, the normal one and the red band one. The red band one is actually missing a few scenes that the normal one has, but replaced by lots n lots of bloody gushy scenes of zombies getting a knife landed in their skull, getting bigass holes blown in em, etc etc etc. Normal trailer is actually quite better.



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