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Marshall on The De2cent

TheDescent_Poster.jpgSurprisingly, with such a ridiculous title and no real need for a sequel, Neil Marshall has said that he will be connected to the sequel to his excellent The Descent (Filmstalker review).

Again from Comic-Con, Neil Marshall revealed that he would be taking a role as a Producer. Now usually this is just a great deal to give credit and cash to someone for their original idea, but this actually sounds like he'll be getting involved in the story.

According to Shock Till You Drop through Coming Soon he revealed that the name is correct, it will be called The Des2ent, and that he will be involved in the project to try and steer the storyline in the right direction.

"I've got a few story ideas, they've got a few story ideas and we're just throwing them into the mix."

It is being described as having a connection with the Producers, so I'm not sure how connected that will be, but as he's said before, it won't involve writing or directing, and that's a very sad thing for the sequel.

However, one of the suggested storylines could involve the original actress Shauna Macdonald who played the lead of Sarah, and she's keen to carry on according to Marshall.

"She wants to continue the journey a bit more. As far as I'm concerned, there's only one way to take her character, she has to die. If we didn't kill her at the end of the first film, we have to kill her at the end of the second one."

Well that does have some interest, but a big plus for me with the first film was Marshall's excellent writing with the very real and superb dialogue.




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