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El habitante incierto (The Uncertain Guest) gets remade

ElHabitanteIncierto.jpgI saw El habitante incierto (The Uncertain Guest) (Filmstalker review) last year and it was a story that had a great premise and an exciting climax, but there were issues with it, particularly the ending. Now it seems that the film is heading for a remake, but not from Hollywood.

Barcelona production company Rodar y Rodar is joining up with the London production company Becker International to develop an English language remake of the film.

Written and directed in 2004 by Guillem Morales, El habitante incierto, or The Uncertain Guest, takes an amazing and unbelievable idea and makes it happen in front of your eyes. What if you let a stranger into your house to use your phone, but while you've been waiting in the kitchen for them to finish they just leave without a word. However you begin to suspect that they haven't left, and they are still in the house, prowling around, living unseen around you.

Guillem Morales is set to direct the remake himself, and will supervise the rewrite of the screenplay by the UK writer William Davies, with filming to take place in London and Barcelona. Davies is better known for writing comedies such as Flushed Away, Alien Autopsy (Filmstalker review), or Johnny English.

Variety say the budget is around US$8.3 million, and the production companies are quoted as saying that they want A-list UK and US talent working on the film.

The producers also say that the film will be more open and bigger, two things that I actually think might break the story as it stands. Some of the power is in the enclosed locations and the confines of a house. They also have some good news, they say that this version will be less abstract and more realist, something that at times did hurt the film slightly.

This could well be an opportunity for an excellent remake, especially with the original Director onboard, but then I've said that before and I've been wrong.




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