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Boyle considers 28 Months Later

DannyBoyle.jpgDanny Boyle has been considering directing a sequel to 28 Weeks Later, itself a sequel to 28 Days Later, despite the rumour that the film was dropped by Fox Atomic.

Danny Boyle teased us before about how a sequel could start and what direction it might head off in, however now he seems even more confident about it.

In an interview with MTV through Rope of Silicon he says:

"There is an idea for the next one, something which would move [the story] on. I've got to think about it, whether it's right or not...

...I didn't want to do the second one, because I was involved in "Sunshine." But I went out and I helped them [with "28 Weeks Later"]. I did some second-unit shooting on it. And I really enjoyed it, actually. There's something about doing something trashy that's great. Where basically you just come in the door and you just kill them. That was rather refreshing."

That last answer was in response to a direct question on whether he would direct the sequel or not, and that sounds pretty promising indeed.

Is there a need to get Danny Boyle back for a sequel, or has 28 Weeks Later shown that the franchise could go on without him? More pressing is the question of whether or not another film in the franchise is needed, and if it can bring something different to the story. After all, haven't they covered all the angles already?



I still want to see what happened before 28 days later. What I would like to see is the moments of the virus spreading through a highly populated area. In the first film a man described a football game where the infected broke into the grounds and caused all sorts of havoc. Which i found interesting because its one of those what if sort of scenarios that could have all sorts of possibilities. Plus it would be interesting to see what they would say on the news about it and the reactions a country would make to such a disaster. Just to see what our defense capabilities would be like and of course the possible failures we would make. Nuclear weapons would be good as well . I love the nukes in movies , It's amazing at the sheer power of them and always entertaining. Obviously the use of nukes couldn't be done it a prequel was made but still would be great.The ideal zombie movie for me would be set in volumes like kill bill or lord of the rings so i could have a longer more in depth look at the chaos and the movie wouldn't rush its self too much.



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