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Bourne Ultimatum details

BourneUltimatum.jpgThe Bourne Ultimatum will see Matt Damon on his last outing as the highly trained killer Jason Bourne. This time he's not only remembering his entire past, but he's also coming home and getting to the root of the issue by finding the person who helped "create" him.

Paul Greengrass says of the film:

"This third film has got to be about answers. By the end of this film, you've got to understand how Jason Bourne became Jason Bourne."

That's what appears to be happening in this final part of the trilogy, as a third film would be! The story is that a reporter finds out from an inside CIA source about Bourne and the training program, and inevitably he writes it up and publishes it. Both Bourne and the CIA read it and they go after the reporter, Bourne for answers and the CIA for closure, and for Bourne.

The Bourne Ultimatum will also see Bourne up against the latest output from the CIA training programme Treadstone, now upgraded to Blackbriar and under new management.

Over at IESB they have an interesting plot rundown with comments from the Director and the stars of the film. There's nothing majorly revealing, but if you're a fan of the series this is going to entice you for the release of this third film.




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