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Blu-ray deals and Europe release schedule in iCal

POTC-DMC-BluRay.jpgTwo Blu-ray stories for you, first is for getting your hands on cheap Blu-ray DVD's and the second is about getting notification of when they are being released, automatically.

Here's a great little tip I've been sent and it's a stroke of genius from Sony. They have made the Blu-ray release schedule available on an iCal. For those of you who don't know what that means, you can subscribe to iCal's from most calendar systems both online and offline, and it automatically updates your calendar with another calendar's entries. So you get the latest release schedule live. Here's the iCal page for Sony Blu-ray, which I think are European release dates. Here's the direct iCal link if you just want to copy and paste it in:


I just added it to my calendar listing and got the following releases this month: Ghost Rider, Flatliners, Crimson Tide, The Last Samurai, Crimson Tide, Finding Neverland, Air Force One, Flags of our Fathers, Ronin, The Patriot, Stomp the Yard, Breaking and Entering, and Catch and Release.

Filmstalker friend Ramchandra Solanki has been kind enough to drop me a quick note for those of you in the UK looking to buy Blu-ray DVD's cheap. Asda have a bunch of cheap DVD's with a further 10% off when you buy three or more. Check the prices carefully though as often people like Play.com or DVD.co.uk can be cheaper. Thanks to Ram who sends the news of the deal from Asda through DVD Times.




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