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The Flying Scotsman trailer in multiple formats

TheFlyingScotsman-PosterQuo.jpgThe Flying Scotsman is a superb film, I can't praise it highly enough, and it's getting a UK release this month if the dates are right.

I've been given the trailer in various sizes and formats to show off, so I'm delighted to do so. Have a look and I'd recommend catching the film when it's released near you. You can read my review when I saw it at last years Edinburgh Film Festival, and if we're lucky I might be getting an interview or two from the film...stay tuned.

The bad news is that my quote won't be appearing on the UK marketing material for the film, instead they've chosen The Scottish Sun and Empire. Damn that...never heard of either of them...ermmm, right Richard. Anyway, here's the trailer in the usual multiple formats and sizes.

The Flying Scotsman Trailer
Quicktime: High, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low



Ach that's a shame they are not using your quote! How dare them!

I hope it comes out this month as I need to catch up on a lot of films!

Don't worry...it is!

Looking forward to it then, and that's even before you said Filmstalker was quoted! ;)



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