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Stalked: Pixar's Up and Langella with Gould On the Hook

FrankLangella.jpgPixar's new film Up, and Frank Langella joins Elliot Gould for the thriller On The Hook.

Pixar has unveiled their latest project, a film called Up. It is about a seventy year old man who joins forces with a wilderness ranger to fight beasts and villains.

Bob Peterson from Pixar wrote the script and the Director of Monsters Inc., Pete Docter, is set to direct this film.

Variety say that after Ratatouille there will be Wall-E next summer, Toy Story 3 for 2010 and then Up.

Frank Langella is set to star with Elliot Gould and Laura Harring in a slightly green themed political thriller about an energy company executive who is exposing his company's practices with the help of an investigator. Langella plays the executive while Gould plays the investigator.

Variety tell us that Richard Ledes is directing the film On The Hook from a screenplay he wrote with Alan-Didier Weill.

Whenever I think of Gould as an investigator I always think of Capricorn One, that excellent thriller about a faked space mission where he plays the investigative reporter who exposes it all.




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