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Nancy Drew competition with prizes galore

NancyDrew.jpgNancy Drew is coming to the big screen, and I'm sure you all know of the character already. I remember her from the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books, you might know her in her own right. Whichever, if you're a fan then we have the perfect competition for you, plenty of goodies from the Nancy Drew film.

The film is about the classic Nancy Drew character but pulled into a modern setting. The writers, Andrew Fleming and Tiffany Paulsen, have tried to retain what Nancy is all about and yet bring her into today's world, something that from the trailers you might think they've done rather well. Andrew Fleming also directs the film which sees Nancy and her Father moving to Los Angeles for his new job.

They move into the mansion of an ex-film star, a place that Nancy has chosen because of the mystery surrounding her death, something she really wants to solve. Her Father would rather she didn't though, he wants her to be a teenager like everyone else, yet Nancy Drew isn't like everyone else.

It looks like the film could be a lot of fun, and if you're a Nancy Drew fan then Filmstalker has a competition for you packed with goodies.

You can win one of twelve posters, two iPod Nano covers, two purple T-Shirts (Medium or Large) or two make up bags, all of which can be seen in the picture coming up, and the question is pretty easy.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

NancyDrewPrizes.jpgYou can see the prizes just to the left, oh and the T-Shirt says "Small Town Girl, Big TIme Adventure". So here's the question to be in with a chance of winning something from that list:

In the original books, what is the name of Nancy Drew's dog?

As usual I need your name and postal address, the answer to the question, the order you'd prefer for the prizes, and where you heard about Filmstalker and the competition. Then just email them to me at .

If you're stuck, just do some simple detective work, there are some big online sites which hold vast amounts of information such as this. As usual I'll hold onto your details until the end of the competition when I'll let you know if you've won or not. Your details will absolutely not be given to anyone at all.

The competition is open to those in the US and Canada only I'm afraid, and the closing date for the competition is Friday June the 22nd 2007.

Here are the release dates for the film:

USA 15th June, Singapore 21st June, Australia 28th June, Germany 2nd August, Netherlands 2nd August, UK 3rd August, Belgium 8th August, Russia 9th August, Norway 10th August, Argentina 23th August, Brazil 24th August, Japan 25th August, Spain 21st September

If you want to see a little of it, you can see the trailer here, or there are eight clips available to view over at IESB.

Good luck with the competition!

This competition is closed




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