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La Hora fria gets wide distribution

LaHorafria.jpgI'm well behind on my Dead by Dawn review write ups, but I must get on with them so you can read about La Hora fria aka The Dark Hour which has just been bought for distribution to a bunch of territories including Germany and the UK.

The film is also headed for Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and the Philippines. This is great news as the film by Elio Quiroga is superbly shot and crafted. I promise you I will get the review published in the next few days.

According to Variety Elio Quiroga is also heading towards the English language market. Currently the post production is underway on a film called No-Do, but next up he is either set to work on Tesla or La Corte…

I urge you to see La Hora fria if you get the chance, it is a great film that mixes horror, science fiction, thriller and a character based story really well. It never over explains itself, develops characters and relationships well, keeps the environment and focus narrow and dark, and gives out some superb twists.

My only issue with the film was that there wasn't more of it, something I hope is remedied one day by Quiroga and the original cast in some way, perhaps a not so dreaded remake. This film is a very strong one and I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't Hollywood eyes focusing on it already.




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